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About Us

Situated in the historical heart of Provence, we pride ourselves on a family tradition of passion and know-how spanning four generations. At our estate « Le Château du Bois » we respect nature and use traditional methods of agriculture to cultivate our fine lavender, a rare and precious medicinal plant. The wonderful crop exemplifies our mission to protect and continue the tradition of authentic lavender.  It represents the region of Provence in all its diversity. The culminating summer harvest of lavender officinalis is an honour to the excellence of the soil and its promise to nurture. 

At the heart of our brand philosophy is the preservation of the virtues of this fine lavender.  We ensure that the beauty and well-being it confers are found in each and every one of our products.

Our fine lavender essential oil is used by aromatherapy specialists working only with the best quality ingredients world-wide which offer the highest level of traceability.  Its timeless and inimitable perfume is appreciated by the leading «noses», classifying fine lavender amongst the noble ingredients of fine fragrance.

«Le Château du Bois» is not only the benchmark for Provence fine lavender, but also a signature of excellence in the field of natural and organic cosmetics. More than just creating a line of organic cosmetics made in France, we are sharing with our customers a world of magnificent lavender fields, a new discovery for the senses and our heritage of work, know-how and passion.

Our brand offers exceptional cosmetic products for uncompromising customers. It sets itself apart by providing extremely high concentrations of both fine lavender AOP essential oil, reputed for its beneficial properties for the skin, as well as carefully selected plant-based ingredients.  « Le Château du Bois »is an exception in the world of beauty, arousing desire through its uniqueness and the purity of its products.

Producers and distillers since 1890, we master the production chain from the sowing of the lavender seed in our fields to the end product.  It is a great pleasure for us to share with you our expertise acquired over generations.

We would like to thank you for your virtual visit and invite you during your next stay in Provence to come and share our passion for fine lavender.

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